The Inch Before The Saw

The Inch before the Saw: CD
  • The Inch before the Saw: CD

The Inch before the Saw: CD

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Ewen's debut album 'The Inch before the Saw' featuring special guests. JEREMY DUNLOP, JIM GREEN, SHANE HOWARD, TOMMY CARTY, JOHN HUDSON, JIM MOGINIE, PAT EVANS, DAN WEST and PETER DAFFY

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Ewen Baker with Special guests: 
JEREMY DUNLOP – Jem played guitar with The Celts years ago and his house in Reid St was the setting for countless music sessions. Jem is a master of the guitar and a very fine Irish fiddle player. He brought these tunes to our band Bulabos for a tour of New Caledonia. 
JIM GREEN – Jim and I met at university and we have played music together ever since. He has beautiful touch on the guitar, subtle and sensitive backing is his forte. We have recorded some fine music together and have toured all over the place with bands, Bulabos and Cool MacFinn.
SHANE HOWARD – I have played and recorded with Shane for over a decade, and the traditional Irish tune is always close at hand. Best known for his incredible song-writing, Shane is a fine guitarist and arranger. The waltz is from Maire O’Keeffe at the Willy Clancy School twenty years ago, and the jig set is from Exile, Songs and Tales from Irish Australia.
TOMMY CARTY – Over the years, Tommy’s encouragement, energy and enthusiasm has been enormous for me and for so many others in the Irish music scene. All of a sudden he’s right next to you in the session, head down and absorbed in the tune. These two tunes always remind me of Tommy.
JOHN HUDSON – The other two thirds of the Shane Howard Trio, John and I are lucky to have the opportunity to play together in some amazing places. I love the way John plays, rock solid and dynamic, and drawing on jazz and blues elements. You can hear his smile when he plays.
JIM MOGINIE – Unknown to Jim, he has been a huge influence on my approach to music. He is a legendary music creator, courageous, loud and awesome. Until recently, I didn’t know he loved traditional Irish music. I met Jim at the Illawarra Festival, and we played tunes for hours.
PAT EVANS – I worked with Pat at Maton Guitars over twenty years ago. From lunchtime jams in the set-up room at the factory, to duo and trio gigs, we then formed The Wrenboys. These flat out, straight ahead reels are from our Blarney Stone days in Port Melbourne.
DAN WEST – I first saw Dan backing Irish tunes at the Concert Hall in the late 1980’s, and I loved the groovy, smooth rhythm he created. I have played tunes with Dan and his wife Lynnelle Moran for years now. A master guitar player of many styles, Dan still brings his unique groove and energy to the tune.
PETER DAFFY – Pete’s willingness and ability to help people perform at their best was completely inspirational to me when I was starting out as a working musician. His guitar building workshop in McPherson St was full of songs and tunes. I love his distinct rhythmic playing and the sound of his magnificent guitar.